Volunteer With Us

Volunteering for hospice is a very rewarding experience.  By serving people who are facing a life-limiting illness, volunteers learn more about themselves and what really matters.  Volunteers are special people who make a difference in the lives of patients and families, make a valuable contribution to the community and enhance their own well-being.

Who volunteers?  Primarily, those who volunteer for hospice are people who care. Indeed, some are professionals who provide special expertise, but most are just people who want to serve their community and help others.  People who volunteer for hospice do not need special talents; they just need to have a desire to serve.

The volunteer is a valuable member of the hospice care team.  You will be given the choice as to how much and what types of activities you would like to do.  Most volunteers provide support to patients and families in the patient’s home, while other provide assistance in the office or at community functions.

Typical volunteer activities include:

  • Listening to patient’s concerns
  • Being a comforting and supportive presence
  • Engaging in a patient’s hobbies, playing board games, or discussing current events
  • Reading to patients
  • Writing letters for patients
  • Sharing a special talent or skill
  • Providing time for caregiver respite
  • Running errands
  • Baking cakes for patient’s birthdays
  • Minor home repairs
  • Office and clerical support
  • Community education or helping with special events and fundraising activities

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