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Piedmont Hospice is a locally-owned and community-focused company. In 2008, Piedmont Hospice was created on the notion that “Local Is The Difference.” Our idea was not to reinvent the wheel, but instead to focus on creating an environment that allowed each patient’s care to be personalized based on their own unique, individual need and not the typical, regimented care dictated by a corporate office located in another state.

We embrace the philosophy that care is centered around the patient and their loved ones. Our care enables our patients the freedom of staying in the comfort of their own homes or extended care facilities while being able to be surrounded by family and friends. The focus is no longer on curative but palliative or comfort care with symptom management and pain control. The emphasis is on enhancing the patient’s life. The care provided by Piedmont Hospice is about adding life to the patient’s remaining days, not adding days to the patient’s remaining life.

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